Friday, January 2, 2015

Week 34 (December 31, 2014)

Hola mi familia,
It was so great to see you this week. I love you all so much. 
This week has been a little crazy with all the fiestas. And you know today and yesterday its only been like 120 degrees. Yea this is not a joke!!!! 
Yesterday we were watching the thermometer and before when it wasn't in the sun in our apartment it was around 96 then we put it in the sun and in 15 to 20 minutes it got to 121 degrees. I'm not even kidding my head hurts so bad right now from all the heat. I think my insides are melting. I feel like one of those delicious walmart chickens that being roasted in the roaster. 
Toady i made me and my companion cinnamon apple pancakes which were super delicious! Today we had p day well i don't really know why but asi es. 
After we went to a museum that was pretty cool. Then we went and ate at a members house and then it was really super hot so we came to the church to study because there is air conditioner here. I don't really know what we are going to do tonight. but whatever it is it will be a blast because we cant leave the apartment because everyone will be drinking.:) 
What are your plans? 
Està por llover!!
Yesterday we went and bought a air conditioner and we got free cds!!!! woohoo! Mel look up axel, yes axel. Creo en ti!! Yep its good. I didn't listen to the cd. We heard this song in the store.......
We are still working with the familia casanueva. They are doing awesome. Everything good up in the hood. Wow so Brennan's going to get married . That is great that he has a desire to be married for time and all eternity. its a little hard for me because i mean its almost been 2 and a half years  but we will support him. I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!! 

Do you see what tempature it is?

Week 33 (December 22, 2014)

Hello my beautiful wonderful Family. I am so thankful for my family. I love you all so much. 
This week we had our zone conference and it went really good we learned alot and we ate alot and we did white elephant gifts. I got a bar of chocolate and a cute little notebook. It was really fun. Today i went shopping with hermana hererra to buy presents for our companions.I love hermana herrera!!! yesterday we had a activity in the church. It was so cute all the missionaries in our zone sang throughout the whole things. and all the little kids were dressed up like shepard's and angels and it was just really fun.. 
We have all been a little sick but hopefully we will be better before Christmas. 
We found a new family this week and they are so great. Nicolas is a member less active and he is living with his girlfriend Maria ojeña) and their child (tiago). But the came to church yesterday and the came to the activity yesterday. It is the family Casanueva. I really want Maria to get baptized and yesterday they were talking to the Bishop he told us after that they want to get married. Then she can get baptized. We are so excited. Please pray for them. The other day we went to their house and she had facturas and juice for us. She said she was going to make us a cake but she didn't have time. 
Really they are great. 
My companion and i are doing good. She is a really good missionary. She studies all the time. Which is a good thing but also i sometimes think its to make me feel bad. I don't know why but at least she is studying. So that is good.
I really love Argentina and i love being a missionary. but i am really excited to see all your beautiful faces!! this Thursday!! 
Love you all so much!!!!!!!!!! With all my heart!!! 
Con mucho amor, Hermana Franks 
Merry Christmas from Argentina

Christmas Party with the zone

Christmas Party with the zone

Week 32 (December 15, 2014)

Hola mi familia como esta todos? How is the nice freezing weather. I'm so excited to be able to talk to you all. We are doing good here in Argentina. Mi hijita is doing well. Its a little hard because she is really competitive and she likes things her way and sometimes she gets a little ahead of the game. But we are getting better. Tomorrow we have a conferencia for our zone so that will be really fun. This week it has been super nice but that just means its will be super hot this next week. We had a really fun family home evening with the family of one of our investiagor and it was so funny. Because the word for sucker in ecuador means binky here and so she was trying to get all the kids to listen and she said we have a binky for all those who listen good. and all the kids just sat there looking at here like why would we want that.... And me and our investigaodra just started laughing then she explained to my compañion the difference and then we were all laughing. it was very funny. 
Nothing to new here still just working hard and learning everyday. i hope you are well and that You all have all the things that you need! love and miss you all!!!!!
les amo!!!
Hermana Franks