Monday, March 3, 2014

Week of March 3, 2014p

Hey my dear family.
Well  guess you all want to know about the big news with transfers... so I am still in the same area hahaha no just kidding I'm now in Santa Marta again and I'm also district leader so that's cool.  Some of my responsibilities are to do baptism interviews, I have to give capacitacion or like I have to teach my district stuff, I don't remember what its called. but ya and I have to verify with everyone everyday so ya I'm excited about that, it will be a change. My companion is named Elder Mason, he is from Chile but yes I know his name is not Latin but he is from Chile and well he is good and super nice but we are completely opposite and he strives for attencion and is just really weird, sometimes he acts like he's training me and I'm the one who has been here for 2 months oh ya he's new in the mission, so sometime my patience is tested but that's alright. Well  I'm happy and healthy and excited to be here, we have alot of people to teach and so that should be good. anyway ya that's the big news.
It's super sad to hear about Elder Bailey that really hits home. I will be extra careful, but mom you told me once that sometimes there are other things more important for him and other to do in gods kingdom. but it would still be super hard. 
I would have like to send some pictures but I didn't bring my camera today, I will try next week. 
Well I love you guys and I can't wait to hear from you next week.
with lots of love
From Santa Marta,
Elder Franks

Added notes from Elder Franks by his mother,
When we were chatting he said that his companion's family was from England and his grandparents moved to Chile and he is white.  He also told me that he is coming home on September 24th.  Not that he is looking forward.  It sounds like he is doing better, I asked if he was in the same area than he was before but he did not answer me back on that one.  He also didn't say anything about the Carnival that is happening there right now.  So I will asked next week about that one.
Elder's Quorum Party 

 This is the last baptism he had in Cartagena

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