Saturday, May 17, 2014

Week 2 (MTC)

Hola mi familia!!!
Wow i cant believe that i've been here for 10 days!!! How is everybody?? 
I'm doing so good! It's been such an adventure already! Today we went to the temple. It was such a great experience. 
Yesterday my companion, Hermana Dascanio, found out that her grandpa had passed away. It was a pretty hard afternoon for her. But while we were in the temple she said she could just feel him there. I'm pretty sure he was there with me too. I just feel this powerful feeling like the Lord made us companions because we both needed this experience. I think he really needs me to comfort her in this trial. 
We have such a good time together. I really have come to love her. 
Yes we have taught another investigator, her name was Gabi. But she wasn't a real investigator:) Her name is Hermana Johnson and she is actually our teacher now. So we have her usually in the mornings and Hermano Vargas in the afternoon. They are both so funny. Im pretty sure they are the best teachers here and we just happened to get both of them. I'm not for sure but i'm pretty sure that it's because we are the best/funnest district here:) 
The rest of our zone is leaving on Monday so it will only be us 6 Hermanas till Wednesday. We are getting 4 new elders and 2 new sisters in our zone next week!
 So we are in the choir! I know it's pretty impressive;) so we have choir practice on Sundays then on Tuesdays we sing at the devotionals. This last Tuesday devotional, Elder L. Tom Perry was the speaker and we sang 'Nearer My God to Thee' It was so amazing.  He talked about the importance of companions. It was muy bueno. Oh and the devotionals are broadcasted so you guys can watch them. Yeah we are on TV:) So at the beginning they were saying the countries where it's broadcasted and one of the countries was Colombia. I was so excited and i just started to silently pray that if Brennan was watching that he would be able to see me. Then when we were doing our musical number. They did a close up of me and then panned down my row. And i didn't know it till after. And Hermana Dascanio said hey they did a close up of you! So that is kinda cool. I don't know if he was watching but Heavenly Father sure answered my prayer:) 
So i'm not homesick. I miss you guys. But when I think of being home i'm not sad to be away. It just makes me more excited to go to Argentina! If that makes any sense...
The food here is alright....It's defiantly not as good as home:( i think that is something that i really miss. But for the most part i just love it here.
So yesterday some new Elders came into our class for a minute so that they could practice bearing there testimony's. So they would share theirs then we would share ours. And i just started to say mine and words just came out that i didn't even know i remembered! I know it's because the spirit helped me. And also i haven't really been frustrated with trying to learn it. I just try to have patience and try to really use my study time wisely. That is really the key i think. I just have to have a positive attitude:) Also Hermana Dascanio is so supportive:) 
We did some laundry today and it was pretty exciting;) alright chiste chiste:) ...chiste is joke:)
Well I love you all and i hope everything is going good there:) 
I will try and send some pics:) Love you!!!!!!!!!
Love, Hermana Franks
P.S. I really love it when you guys send me letters cause we can get those everyday...

Love my companion

In Class learning spanish

Ducks that live at their appartment building, Elders named them "He Kevin and She Kevin"

Going to the temple

Our teacher made us cookies

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