Friday, May 30, 2014

Week 3 (MTC)

Hola Mi Familia!! Como esta? Ustedes feliz?
First of all....GIRLS IT'S SUMMER! And second of all I JUST LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! And third THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE. Dear elder is where it's at. Nothing could beat that 4 LB. Brownie!! It was so good. All the hermana's in my district just loved it! There is only a little bit left! Dinner is at 4:30 so by the time we get home at9:45 we are in desperate need of a snack!
So this week has just been great! Last Sunday we had a devotional. For the devotional we watched this talk given by Elder Bednar called The Character of Christ. It was such a good talk. I got a lot from it. After the video everyone stood up as the President of the MTC walked in. I thought, do we usually stand for President Nally? Then I saw him. Elder Bednar walked in!!! WHATT! I know it's crazy right. Hermana Dascanio and I just Looked at each other and couldn't decide if it was real! He didn't give a talk. He did a Q&A thing. So some Elder's were holding microphones and if he picked you, you stand up, then they bring you the microphone. I was trying to think of a question but all i could think was 1. I wish my brother was here. 2. This is awesome. and 3. What do you ask an Apostle?! It was such a wonderful experience.
So today we went to the temple. I love the Temple. It was so beautiful today. I will send some pics. Also we went and ate lunch at main campus today, and holy have we been missing out! Here at west campus we only have 2 choices and it's not always good. People kept telling us that even though we don't have very many options we have better food. Little did we know that that is not true! At Main Campus I'm sure we looked like we had just walked in to Disneyland. They have so many choices! Hermana Dascanio and I ended up getting a hamburger and a buffalo chicken salad that was pretty much super delicious. They also had a build a wrap station and Chinese food and i don't know what else but it was so yummy. 
So yesterday our class was being evaluated by Hermano Vargas' boss. And before he left, he said to Hermano Vargas, I'm really impressed with your class. YES! I'm so happy cause i have been working super hard!
 We teach "investigators" (a.k.a. Hermana Johnson and Hermano Vargas, our teachers) almost everyday. But on Monday we have a new person. They said sometimes they are members and sometimes they are new converts and sometimes they are real investigators. But we will start teaching them 4 times a week starting Monday. Our investigator's name is Alan. I hope it goes well. I think all of our lessons have gone pretty well! I just try to stay positive with myself. 
We got new missionaries in our zone this week!! They are pretty fun! There are 2 sisters who are in their own district ( because they are advanced spanish) and then in the other district there are 4 Elders and 3 Hermanas. They are so fun! It's so great. 
I really love being a missionary!!! I love my district and Hermana Dascanio and I get along really well. Things are going so great.
Well have a great week! Try to Have Fun even though you are super busy:)
Love, Hermana Franks 
Saying goodbye to some of her zone

Hermana Franks & Hermano Dascanio at the temple

This is where we are going

Picture of the Temple

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