Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 29 (November 24, 2014)

Hola mi familia, ¿como estan? 
Well this week has been very busy and very good. We are working with alot of good investigadores that are preparing for baptism. We had 5 investigadores in the church yesterday. I still have a ton of blisters on my feet but hey it all part of the experience. Really I love Argentina. And i love Santiago!! Menos the heat. I am serious i am dying. It is so hot!!! But you learn to love it.....bueno not really. There is no love in hot. Oh Mel i saw a shirt the other day that said there is no us in food. Or something like that. It made me think of you. Because really we share a passion a passion for food;)  did i mention the bread here is super delicioso. 
How is everything? what are the plans for thanksgiving?
So the time here doesn't change. so we are the same time here as before but you guys are a different hour. Dad this is why you are in PE when i write. And also i really liked your letter to the paper. 
This is the last week for my companion. She is finishing her mission. And transfers are next monday. Dec 1. Wow i cant believe its already dec!!!! Que loco.
well love you all so much happy thanksgiving!!!! 
Much love from Argentina. 
hermana Franks

Pictures of Santiago my companions last week.

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