Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 37 (January 19, 2015)

Ok so i just have to say that the other day my companion was in the bathroom and i was in our room praying. And i could here her hitting something and then she came into the room and said that there was a huge bug in the toilet. (here there are toilets then another thing little thing supposedly to wash your bum...pero im not entirely sure. But the monster was in the second thing)  So i finished my prayer then went to go check it out and all i could see was a big black thing. Here there are giant grasshoppers so i thought it was one of those. Then we came back in the night and my companion had to go to the bathroom but we were afraid so we went to open the door of the bathroom and so we carefully opened the door and it was in the lou thingy and we both screamed and were trying to run away and i knew it was a bat!!!!!! and so we had to hurry and shut the door and then we called our missionary lider and he came and killed it for us.
Yeah it was super funny. Just imagine it in your heads. 
Yesterday me and my companion gave talks in church. it was great. 
I am dying of heat. and i am in love with our air conditionar. 
Ihope you are all doing great and i hope you know how much i love you!! Pray always.....
Much love from argentina!!! 
Hermana Franks

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