Monday, November 11, 2013

Week of November 11, 2013

Hey my Family,
so as I'm sure you all know, we were stuck in our house all this week. and had nothing to do except for watch movies and study........ and lets just say that I'm glad its over. no but i liked it. i was able to study alot and we got to relax alittle. really i learned even more the importance of being obedient. i also got to watch a few new movies that I've never seen before or I watched when I was like 5. 
The best part of the week was Friday, we have a friend I guess you could say, that works in the offices for institute and the offices are in our church building. Anyway we planned to have a BBQ with him and the first counselor of the bishopric. it was sweet because it was a mix between a Colombian and an Argentinean BBQ. In Argentina they basically only eat meat and so we ate, the 6 of us, ate 3 kilos of meat and ya that was it, it was spectacular. 
Sunday as well was nice, really peaceful. I got to study Jesus the Christ for most of the day. 
Oh ya it was kind of a good thing that we were in the house because we basically didn't have any members here the whole week. Its way different here with trips to the temple, the people here can only go once a year. and it costs alot to go. They sacrifice so much, that's another thing I have learned alot, is really how lucky I am to live where I live, to speak the language I speak, and to be able to live in a town where almost everyone is active in the church.
I love you guys alot and can't wait to hear from you next week. Thanks for all your love and support. Until next week,

Love from Colombia,
Elder Franks

P.S. sorry I know its not the best but i am just terrible with writing.

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