Monday, December 2, 2013

Week of December 2, 2013

Dear Family,
Hey so how is everyone doing? First off I forgot to tell you that we had a baptism like two Saturdays ago, it was the mom of the two teenagers that we had taught and baptized. She was sooooo ready ha and the cool thing was she asked me to baptize her. She didn't even ask her son which would have been better but it was still really neat. They are almost an entire family baptized, a family that can one day go to the temple. I really love this family a ton, it's going to be hard to leave them.  

Another thing this week is transfers, I don't know if I'm staying or going but we have them and for sure my companion is leaving, hes super!!!!!!!!!! trunky. It's been hard to work this past week and he just doesn't care about any of the rules anymore, so it's been hard. 
Oh ya so our big thanksgiving here........ oh wait we didn't have one haha,  they don't really celebrate that here, everybody knows what it is but its not important, that's alright I really don't need a whole lot more food, I'm already fat as it is, I don't know how much I weigh but I have a neck chin thing like Elder Holland, haha maybe it just for those people who are super wise. Today we are going back to the restaurant to eat again and then we are going bowling. Should be fun.
I love you guys and I

will tell you all about transfers next week. love you lots
LOVE from Cartagena,
Elder Franks

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