Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week of December 16, 2013

Dear Family,
Hey it's super good to hear from you guys.  Boy what a week we've had.  So this past week we went to Barranquilla Monday and Tuesday, we went to a clinic there all day.   My companion has been pretty sick but more than anything its been his mental state.  I've called the president almost every night to talk to him about Elder D, he the good thing is he is doing much better.  I believe that he has decided to stay but we will just have to see what Christmas brings.  He is a really good Elder and has a good spirit. So on Wednesday it was normal day, Thursday we went back to Barranquilla for my toe and returned the next day. The rest of Friday and Saturday we worked normally and yesterday was Sunday. It's been a little of a challenging week and to top it all off we have like 5 investigators. I know I shouldn't be but I've been a little stressed. So I hope that this week will be a little better.  I've just got to keep working, there is just not any other solution but work work work. 
Well thanks everyone for telling me that I'm fat ha ha, no I am but I've also lost alot of weight in the past week or so. Everyone tells me including some of the missionaries that I came out with, have said that I'm skinner.  I'm really trying to go back to the way I was before. 
Yes the girl got confirmed and we are teaching another lady named Maria and she is doing really well, she has stopped completely drinking coffee, but she needs to go to church, so we are working on that.
So with skyping.  I would really like to do it on Christmas but I'm not sure if there is a place that is open that day,  Mom I will talk with you more about that and we have till the beginning of January to skype.  I want to be sure to see you ALL there.
Anyway's I know that this is not the best letter in the world but I love you all.
Love Elder Franks

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