Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 14 (August 11, 2014)

¡Hola mi familia! ¿Cómo esta? 
So you got a puppy!
Mi semana fue muy bueno...y muy chistoso. Mi gusta los fotos de los dos chicas... ¿Donde esta mis hermanas? Yo no se las otras chicas en sus fotos. Hoy vamos a Jujuy para shopping. Fue muy bien. ¡Mi encanta Argentina! Yo estoy muy bien. Mi español es mejor cada día. Y mi testimonio esta más fuerte cada día. 
Oh oops i forgot that I was writing in spanish;) How is every one? How is life in good old grass valley. Let me just tell you It is very different living in a city. 
Oh let me just tell you about our week. First of all.. one night we were walking home and one of the collectivo (bus) drivers stopped to give us a ride..we were probably  10 or 15 minutes away from our apartment.... and when it was our stop we were about to get off and he asked us if we could do him a favor. (Hermana Brown had prayed for a service opportunity and so we were excited for this opportunity. He asked if we could run across the street and buy him "next day" or something like that. We weren't sure what it was but he said that the lady would know what it is. So he gave us some money and we ran across the street and told the lady what it was and sure enough she knew what it was. And well we bought hi cigarettes!!!!! oh my goodness we just looked at each other then hurry and ran it over to him. Then invited him to Church! AHhh can you believe it!! we bought him cigarettes!!! Hermana Brown said..." I feel like we need to repent." And i said " don't look at me you are the one who prayed for a service opportunity":) oh man it was soooo funny. 
Then saturday we met this really old man and he couldn't hear nada but he was nice. So we gave him a card with the address to the church. And on the other side of our card their are questions and the one on this card said " do you want to live with your spouse for eternity" or something like that and he said I don't have a wife.  Then before we left i was shaking his hand and he grabbed my  other arm and said...¡Nos casemos! Or lets get married....And I said umm no. And Hermana Brown grabbed me and we left:) Oh man it was so funny. So yeah between buying cigarettes and getting proposed too. My week was pretty normal:) I love all the experiences that i am having. I love every moment.
I cant believe that Brennan doesn't have much time left. Its a little hard but I know that i am where I'm supposed to be. 
Well I love you all. Hope you are all doing well. Please give Marisa and Melanie a hug from me...
Much love from Argentina!!!
Love hermana franks.
Oh and tell grandma franks that i got her letter:)

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