Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week of August 11, 2014

haha i feel so original in my titles of my letters. anyway whats up family? how is everything going. from the looks and from what i hear you guys sure do love to party. you guys go to lagoon, going to monster truck shows all that good stuff right when I'm not home. haha oh Mel i loved the video, Super jealous haha. so this week was alright. i was still without a companion so that made things hard. but i learned alot especially this week. more than anything I've learned more about patience and i have learned really about what my Father in Heaven whats of me. and not just me but every person. i learned and am still learning that things usually don't happen the way that we want. but that He knows where we should be and whats we are capable of doing. and i know that he has put me in this position for a reason. so whatever position we are in we need to do are best and also have a good attitude about it, even if its hard and we don't like it. that's the way it is. 
so as far as people go in my area, well its not really going. but i hope that if i stay here to finish that my companion and i can find alot of new people and that we can work hard and that i can finish strong. oh i did have a "baptism" this week. ha no actually it was in the area of the sister missionaries but the lady wanted me to baptise her. it was cool and i will send pictures. also we had a family history activity and it was super cool. ya pictures with that as well. and the other picture is a good friend of my. its a parrot of one of the members. in Spanish the word for parrot is guacamaya. but it was so cool. anyway that was really the highlights of my week. oh today we had a multi zone activity and we watched Rio 2 that was cool too. 
anyway love you all and until next week..............

Love from Colombia, 
Elder Franks

oh ya one more thing........6 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!  that is all

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