Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week of August 4, 2014

Well there is one week left until my last transfer. I still don't have a companion but the greengo that I'm living with is going home this week so I,m pretty sure that I will just be with his companion at least until the transfers. but I don't know yet. anyway ya I forgot to ask about the family reunion, from what I heard it was pretty good. hey but school is starting way early this year. why? 
as far as I'm going, well I'm going good. things are really difficult as far as teaching goes for alot of reasons but something that I'm learning is even more patience especially in the things that i know i cant change. so even though i didn't have many lessons last week or their is no water here or whatever else I'm really calm. it bothers me yes but like i said there is really noting that i can do. but ya 
also my health is good. i haven't gotten sick in awhile so that good. I'm happy about that but i feel good. 
so also with the news of the bishopric, i feel and I've really learned especially in this area the importance of revelation when talking about the church. and well i honestly feel like they were called of god even if i haven't been there for almost two years. but ya it will be good. um but ya so i hope everything is good, and that i find everyone in good condition. i love you all and well just want you guys to know that I'm so grateful for the gospel and for the opportunity to serve my heavenly father here in this country. I love the people and i love well everything. even though its been hard most of the time, and maybe i haven't had the most success or been the very best missionary, but like Elder Holland says, my mission has meant the world to me. i can honestly say that its the best decision that I've made in my whole life besides getting baptized. 
i love you all and i will talk to you next week.

Love from Colombia
Elder Franks

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