Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 15 (August 18, 2014)

Well my family....
How are things?? Sounds like everyone is having fun and loving life. And getting ready for school! How crazy Its already time for school to start. 
Well Hna. Brown leaves this Sunday. We aren't sure what will happen with me. Hna. brown is going home earlier than the rest of her group because she is is going to start school on the 2. I know crazy huh. Yeah so transfers aren't for another 2 or 3 weeks. So I'm not sure what will happen but its alright. 
Yesterday Darling came to Church. And she is going to get baptized this weekend!!!!!!! Wohoo my first baptism.. Oh we are so excited! All week long we´ve been praying for a miracle and each day we have found little miracles but i think they were all building up for this. I am so excited.  
I know that you are all getting excited for Brennan to come home but please don't forget about your other missionary in Argentina! I mean i know you guys will be busy having fun in school and spending time with Brennan but I still need you to write. And whats the deal with Marisa???? Why haven't i received an email from her!!??? Is she to busy to write her sister? Has she already forgotten about me???? Tell her to write me:)
Yeah so here we don't have dinner appointments we have lunch appointments because lunch is the big meal here. Yesterday we had lunch at a members house. We had locro...i don't know if i told you about it before but it is definitely not one of my favorites. We had it once before and this time it was a little better but still... Anyways what it is, is intestines...and carne and sausage and beans. Its a thick soup and it is not my favorite!!! After we ate they showed us of everything that goes in it. Yeah beans sausage carne this aquash thing and intestines.... 
So Mel and Mis cut their hair. wow:) what an adventure.
Anyways, well I love you all  so much and I'm so thankful for my family!! I'm thankful for my sisters and my brother and especially my parents. Hope you all have a good week and try not to have to much fun! 
Much love from Argentina,
Love Hermana Franks!

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