Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week of August 18, 2014

Hola Mi Trunky Familia,
hey so to start off with the big news about transfers......well I'm now in ......Cartagena again. my companion is from Bolivia. he has a year in the mission. I'm still district leader. i will be honest it was really hard for me to leave Santa Marta. i really loved it, even if there wasn't any water and my area was terrible because i had several semanas that i couldn't really work but that's alright. like i have always believed in the mission and especially with transfers is that when God wants a change you just have to go along for the ride and work hard. but as well some positive things happened. i am in the zone where my two best friends from the mission are and one is in my district. their names are Elder White and elder Thompson. they are in my group and are going home with me. so that was an upside. and i have already talked to one of my really good friends. the guy who's like 36 or so. i think i sent pictures home before. hes the one that we used his office to do our skype. so that was cool. it was so funny to see his face when he saw me. anyway ya that are things here. my new area is good but the only baptisms that we have planned until now are just kids. no but life is good and hot her in the big old Colombian heat on the good old coast.
anyway i love you guys and hope that all is well. ill be seeing you in 5 weeks hahahahahahahaha

with lots of love 
From Colombia,
Elder Franks

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