Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week of September 1, 2014

So first things is everyone? haha no this week was good. to tell you all about the conference that we had with Elder Christoffferson, it was sick hahahaha. no actually we had Elder Christofferson, Elder Soares, And Elder Wadell. all three general authorities. so totally wicked hahaha. um oh ya and this week was a week of eating weird stuff. first i ate a snail rice, yes you read right, SNAIL RICE ha then like two days later i you are not ready, really not ready ........still not ready, ha i ate pig and cow foot beans, yes you read right again, pig and cow foot or hoof beans. hahahahaha what the. no really funny story with the last one. we went to lunch just normally and we ate everything. the bean did taste alittle weird but I've learned that its better to just not ask. so i ate it all then i did the unthinkable, i asked and my response was just that. cow and pig hoof. i could not believe it. so finally i will have some good stuff to tell the seminary kids. 
um so today was good. we just went to the market again to finish up a few things i needed and we went to a pretty nice restaurant. i went with Elder Thompson, and Elder White. my two really good friends from the mission. you guys will be able to meet them both i promise. actually elder white will be in the airport when i come home. um que mas?
how is everyone Spanish? i hope good because its one thing to type and another to speak again in English. 
um que mas? the people I'm teaching right now are alright. we are teaching alot of kids which kind of bugs. that's all we had when i got to the area. but I'm hoping for the best. that one of them we be ready to go before i leave.

anyway i think that's all for this week

i love you all and we re getting close ha.

Love from Colombia,
Elder Franks

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