Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 18 (September 8, 2014)

So i got a new companion. She is from Peru. She is really nice, I really like her alot. She is so excited to work with me. 
She has 6 months in the mission. 
I am doing good. I have an allergy to bug bites.They are only on my legs.  I think its from mosquito's...but I'm fine. I talked with the mission presidents wife and all i have to do is wash my legs then put some antibacterial cream on the bug bites. Yes mom i use the oil. 
This week we are going to go to Salta for a reunion with a general authority but we don't know which one. I am so excited. 
Today I'm super tired but all is well. Everyday i think.. this waking up at 7 everyday will get easier and easier...but i does not.. its like school all over again. But with more work. And less sleep. Here we  cant sleep in on Saturdays or anything. Its awful:( 
 How is everyone at home? I still  want to hear from my sisters. And Brennan we are not getting close because some of us are a little bit farther from home....
Oh my banana bread is a house favorite and so is my french toast. Yesterday i made a pizza that was pretty good too. Oh and i make a pretty good spaghetti sauce. I start by roasting 2 or 3 whole tomatoes and half an onion in a pan with 1 clove of garlic them i add some type of pepper. like a jalapeno. then i put it in the blender with a little bit of pepper and salt and oil and a little bit of basil and there it is.Yep its delicious.  Oh and a Carmel sauce that is rico also. I always new the food network station was a good channel.
Anyways love you all so much. I will write more next week.
Love, Hermana Franks

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