Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week of August 25, 2014

haha todo bien fam.
so first off, thanks for all the birthday wishes. i had an alright day yesterday....ok really it was just a normal day. nothing special. but today was cool.every Monday we wake up at 6 to start washing clothes and at 6:30 we go play soccer. so we did that as usual and at the end there was a couple of missionaries that wanted to take a picture. so we started to pose and they put me in the front. so reacting quickly without thinking i went in the front and all of a sudden everyone just started pounding me with eggs. haha that's a latin or missionary tradicion I'm not sure which but that's what happened. i would send pictures but i don't have them yet, so next week. so that was pretty cool then we ate some cake. it was nice. 
um and I'm super excited for this week. so i said it last week but this Thursday we re going to be visited by elder christofferson. so m way excited to be taught by him. oh another cool thing. the lady that is going to translate for his wife is in our ward and Sunday i got to spend some time with her helping her get ready to translate. it is cool and it made me even trunkier because4 she speaks English really well and i miss just listening to people talk in my language. but ya not much this week. my companion and i are great and well just excited to work. I'm ready to finish but I'm excited to keep working as well. the truth is is that i am anxious to come home but sometimes i don't want to. I'm scared about starting basically a new life. I've become so accustomed to this one that i don't know any other.but we will see what happens soon enough.
anyway love you guys so much and i will talk to you all soon 

Love from Colombia,
Elder Franks

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