Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week of September 8, 2014

so hows my trunky family doing? haha guess what 2 WEEKS ha no but ya I'm doing good. super happy and just keepen on chugging away. I'm not writing much but ya I'm all good here. Mel stay away from boys oiste, and Brit i love you and your letter. the part about the oil, so funny hahaha. and Marisa, where are you? i have not seen nor heard anything from you for literally years. whats up sista
anyway really I'm not writing much because I'm going to be able to tell you everything in poco tiempo. 
love you all so much and I'm just super excited and cant wait to see you guys again. 
love from COLOMBIA
Elder Franks

P.S. Hermana Franks, lo siento si esta carta la hizo que sientas mal. pero de igual forma te quiero mucho. y te extra├▒o tambien

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