Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week 20 (September 22, 2014)

Sorry but i don't have alot of time. yesterday Fabiana ( the famililia Ruiz) camrçe to church for the second time and after church she received a blessing. After the blessing she was crying and it was just so beautiful and special. Yesterday she came to church with her to daughters who also want to get baptized and her son who is like 4 and 2 of her nieces. I know that this family is so special. 
Oh yesterday i almost got attacked by their dog. It could have been really bad because their one dog is really malo. But i know that God protects me. 
Also i have been a little sick last few days i had a fever one night but nothing serious. 
I have to admit that it is really hard for me. The whole fact that Brennan is coming home Wednesday. Its harder then i ever imagined it would be....but i will try not to think about it to much.
Tonight we are going to have fhe with a menos activo. 
Today for breakfast i made oat pancakes and you will not believe it yes we had stuffed peppers for lunch at a members house. I'm not even kidding it was almost exactly them same as grandpas. And dad the other day i saw a guy with a sportsman's warehouse shirt on... yes i almost died. 
And how were the birthday celebrations??
Well i love you all so much sorry i  don't have alot of time but i will write more and send pictures next week.-
Love from Argentina, Hermana Franks

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