Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week 22 (October 6, 2014)

Hola mi familia! Como estan? How was everyones week? Mine was a little busy we had our zone conference Thursday which was good. I have a little bit of a cold right now but i am better today than i was yesterday. Yesterday and Saturday we went to the stake chapel to watch conference. It was really good and we only had a few problems which was good. I understood most of it. I really liked that they had the people speak in their forgein tongues. to be honest i understood the Spanish speakers more than the translated ones.
Congrats dad on the new calling wow. que fantastico. Oh i forgot to tell you guys that i spoke in church last week. It went great. Fabiana ( the familia Ruiz) is doing ok. We need to talk to her husband. We haven't had a lesson with him becasue he is always working and Fabiana said that last week after church her husband was a little angry. But we are praying that he will change his heart. He also said that his daughters cant come to church anymore which is a little weird because he is the one who said they could get baptized. But whatever we will bring him a cake to sweeten him up a bit;) 
We found a familia this week. We are really excited to teach them. They have 4 daughters and the are all excited to learn. Their oldest is 24 i think and the youngest is 9 or 10. Hopefully they will progress and accept this gospel. 
WOW brennan 2 weeks and you are already moved out. I just want to cry my mind feels like i will never see you again. Yo amo a mi hemano!!! Y a mis hermanitas!!! But dont worry i think i could spend at least another 3 years here. Por lo menos.
Mi espaƱol es mucho mejor y yo puedo hablar con todos pero hay personas quien yo n o entiendo pero esta bien. Yo estoy aprediendo. How is marisa doing i am almost 100 percent sure that she had forgotten me by now.... she had to many friends and she is too busy with her trumpet:P 
Mi compaƱera y yo are alright. She is a little frustrating. and its a little hard for me. She is like 5 ft tall and 23 years old and she is funny when we are doing other things like when we are in the apartment or when we talking as we are walking but when we are working or talking about our plans or the majority of our lessons she is just so frustrating. She doest look at the big pictures of things and she just is really annoying sometimes. I do love her but a veces its more of a love hate relationship. I don't know how to explain it.But its really frustrating. But i have learned to love all my companions. I love Argentina. Their are things i miss, like my family and sometimes a girl just wants a normal glass of milk.
The milk here is disgusting. But for the most part the food is good. Alot of pasta and rice and chicken and meat and fruit salad. Everything comes in a bag. The milk, yogurt. Cereal. Laundry soap. Lots of things. The members are nice and for the most part the people are great too. Very catholic here but its funny because when we talk to people in the streets, sometimes they forget what their religion is.  They have to think for a second and then the say oh yeah catholics, we are catholics. Alot of the times they have the parade of the virgin Mary too. Which is weird. Their are people with fireworks and the wave sheep skins around which is really gross. 
The sky here is beautiful. The sunsets are brighter and the stars are clearer. It just very beautiful here. We live close to 10 minutes from the Rio Grande. which is cool but we haven't seen it. I don't know if its really that cool anyway. Our area is huge I think its one of the biggest in the mission. so alot of walking.But its great i love every minute of it. 
Oh we finally got gas in our apartment. After 4 months of showering with a bucket i forgot how great it is to have a shower. 
Yo tengo un testimonio muy fuerte de la obra misional. Yo se que esta iglesia es verdadera. Y yo se que estamos instrumentos en los manos de Dios. Yo se que Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial y que El quiere que todos sus hijos pueden vivier con El y tambien sus familias. Se que esta tiempo en el campo misional es uno de los mejores tiempos en todo mi vida.Se que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y que a traves su sacraficio para nosotros podemos vivir con nuestro familias para siempre. Estoy muy agradecida por mi familia y la oportunidad yo tengo ser una misionera aqui en Argentina. 
Con mucho amor de Argentina, Hermana Franks

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