Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 47 ( March 30, 2015)

these are pics of last week when we went to purmammarca... and the salt flats.. I was so awesome!! we took pics along the way so that is what is happening in the pics with the clouds. It was raing all the way and we finally got above the clouds... It is so beautiful!!
Fotos!! 7 colores.....purmamarca

 We HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!!!!! Her name is Augustina. I think i wrote about her my first week here. We had divisiones this week and me and Hna andersen went to there house and while we were there we asked her about baptism and she said that she is ready and that she wants to be baptized!! she asked us if we had the plans still ready for her baptisms!! of course we did. She was baptized on staurday. She is 10 years old! 


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