Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 4 (MTC)

Hola mi familia!!!
How is everything going?
Girls how was Girls Camp?
Things here are just great! Today we went to the temple and it was so great! After the temple we went and printed off our emails then went and started laundry. After that we went to Brigham's Landing to eat lunch at burger supreme. We walked in and this guy walked up to the counter and handed the worker his credit card and said all of their meals goes on this. Then he looked at us and said',  "You guys deserve it." It brought tears to my eyes!! It was just so amazing. 
Spanish is coming along well, not as fast as I would like it to but that's alright the Lord will help me. 
At our devotional on Tuesday the speaker was Elder Russell M. Nelson and his wife. Yeah not everyone can say that they get to hear from an apostle every week!  I think they are building up till President Monsen. Did you guys try and watch the devotional on tv? 
Well I didn't get very many letters this week..but I did get some cinnamon rolls yes they were delicious!
Oh so yesterday Hermana Dascanio woke up sick (she threw up a few times) so I made her sleep for a little while . I cleaned the apartment and all the other Hermanas went to class. Hermana Dascanio slept till 10:30 which was so good. When she woke up she felt so much better. It was just a weird bug I guess. But 2 Elders from our zone gave her a blessings which was so awesome. I Love this gospel so much!!!
SO we get to host next week!!!! We are so excited!!! I can't wait!
Oh so I finally got to see the baby duck. I will send you some pictures! I didn't know that I loved ducks so much but the ones that live here are so cute!
So Hermana Dascanio's sister wrote to her and said she is going to make us all rainbow loom bracelets! That is so cute huh!! 
Well anyways Love you all so much!!! hope everything is going great there!!!
Love, Hermana Franks

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