Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 7 (Palpala, Argentina)

3 planes and 1 bus later.....

So I am finally in Argentina!! It took 3 planes and 1 bus ride to get here but I am finally here. When we got to Argentina yes everything was in Spanish. There were people standing in the airport with the signs of the different missions and so we found Salta and this cute lady talked to us for a minute and then they took us outside and put our luggage in a truck then we got in vans and off we went. We were taken to an airport across town and on our way there we saw the Buenos Aires temple! It is so beautiful! At the other airport this guy led us through the airport to get our tickets and to take care of our luggage and he only spoke Spanish. When we were taking care of our luggage, we had to pay for one of our carry-ons that had to be checked luggage (we didn't have to pay, the guy had a credit card from the church) and when he went to pay the computer didn't work so he told me and Hermana Fraga to wait with this other Hermana who was flying to Brazil for her mission (she too only spoke Spanish and she is from Buenos Aries I think) Anyways so we waited with her till the computer worked and waited for the guy to come and get us. Finally after an hour the guy came and got us and he told us where to go to meet the others. We found the others thank heavens and we didn´t miss our flight. Then we got on the plane to fly to Salta. At the airport the Mission President and his wife met us there . 

At the airport in Buenos Aires

On the bus from the airport to the Mission home
18 New Missionaries
We went to the mission home and ate and talked about some things...then we stayed the night at a hotel. Then the next day we drove all around Salta to go to the police station and sign some papers and to this other place to sign some papers. Then we went to the mission home and had lunch. Then we got our new companions. 
Having dinner at the Mission home after a long day of travel.
My companion is Hna Brown. She is from Utah!
She is super nice and very supportive.  I have struggled with home sickness but I´m doing better as the days go by. The first night I was here in my area I was so overwhelmed and I just missed you guys so much. 

Hermana Brown and me (doesn't she look nice)
18 New missionaries and their companions and the President and his wife
President and Sister Levrino
Argentina is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. I am serving in a city called Palpalá. It looks like the ghetto. But it is very beautiful. Sometimes you have to really look for the beauty because there is trash everywhere. And there are fruit trees everywhere so the fruit falls off the trees and rots in the streets. There are dogs everywhere but I haven't seen any that have been to disgusting. The food here is delicious and the people here for the most part are super nice. At night there are alot of drunk people and we have to try and stay way from them.  We go to bed at 11.00 and wake up at 7.00.  I am trying to learn the language, and I'm trying to stay strong and do work.  It´s definitely not easy but it´s a blessing that I get to be here in Argentina.

Oh our apartment is new but it doesn't have gas yet so we have to boil water and shower with a bucket.  It´s interesting but everything is a wonderful experience. Well I will write more next week and hopefully get some pics to you.
Love you so much! 
Love from Argentina, Hermana Franks

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