Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week of June 9, 2014

So this week has been alittle different. so Thursday I got my toenail taken out, well part of it.  This has been my fourth in the mission, but I'm doing alot better and yes I took pictures but I will wait till I get home. Anyway for this week well not much has happened. The people that we are teaching are doing good, they are progressing but alot of things are changing with the work of salvacion, for example now we are not as focused on baptism as less actives coming back into the church. So we are looking and teaching alot of that type of people. I told mom this already but I thought it was something cool but Mel especially. I know how to play the piano, my companion has been teaching me. I'm still not very good but I can play almost every hymn in the book.  I'm happy, just thought I would throw that out their. 
Trying to think of something special to share with you guys this week I thought of a sister that we are teaching. Her name is Smith, ya I know weird, anyway so we taught a lesson and we were talking and she just started going in on how she likes it when we come over because she feels so good inside and things just always work out after we have talked to her. so it was cool. 
Anyway love you guys, if you have question please ask and if I don't answer well just keep asking.

love you all from Colombia
Elder Franks

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