Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 8 (June 30, 2014)

How is everybody doing? This week was definitely easier. I am still struggling with the Language but I´m learning more and more each day. 
So we contact people mostly by references. There is such a need for missionary work here but it´s hard to teach. We find people and they let us in and we teach them a lesson, We set up a next appointment, then go back for the appointment and they are either not there or the a super busy. But we are planting seeds:)
We had a Baptism scheduled for this Saturday but I don´t know if its going to happen...he doesn't believe in Joseph Smith:(
Here milk comes in a bag or a carton...The milk in a carton is super gross!
And yogurt comes in a bag and is super thin. We are teaching this lady named Darling and the other day we were teaching her and she brought us yogurt to drink.....weird huh
Oh so last week we ran out of propane for our oven and didn´t get more for 3 days so we had to take freezing cold showers! But we got propane and so we are able to heat up water for showers. We still have to shower with a bucket because we still don´t have gas for our water heater yet. It has to have natural gas. 
The Bread here is sooo good and i love dulce de leche!!! 
Here they play music all the time and it´s usually American music... sometimes we have to start singing hymns so that we don´t sing the other songs..
The kids love the stickers!
Marisa would love it here there are horses that just roam all over. 
Everyone here rides motorcycles and sometimes we see 4 or 5 people on one their dog.
We live by the hospital.. our street name is Pilcomayo.
Here the barrios(neighborhoods) are called weird names like 25 DE Mayo (or the 25 of may... )
Mom-Mosiah 24:13-14,Jacob 3:1, D&C 58:2-4
Dad: Jeremiah 16:16
Brennan. D&C 105 (missionary work)
I love you guys sooo much!! Hope you have a good week and a great 4th of July! I can´t tell you how much I miss you all. But I am where I need to be and i am doing what i need to be doing! And i am happy!
Oh today we went to JuJuy to go shopping! Lots of fun!
Love-Hermana Franks

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