Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 12, (July 28, 2014)

How is everyone? How was camping? 
I'm doing good. Working hard and loving life. 
Today was transfers and Hna. Francis went home. And Hna Rawlinson and Hna Brown leave the end of this month. Hermana Rawlinsons new companion is from Mexico. 
Yesterday we sang in sang in church and last night we had Family home evening with some members from our ward. There is one chico named Sergio who is waiting for his mission call. He submitted his papers and now is just waiting. 
It has been really cold this week.  And our apartment is like an ice cube. I am working really hard on my Spanish. It´s so hard but I love it. It´s funny because the more Spanish I understand the more i have to say. But sometimes i accidentally say things in English because i understand what they are saying and i forget that i dont always know how to answer in Spanish:) 
How was the family reunion? Tell me everything! How is everyone? I miss my family lots. I think about you alot. And i pray for you everyday. Me and my companion still have a few difficulties every know and again and i don't always understand why she does things but I love her. And we have good goals for this month so i have high hopes. 
Well I hope you are all good. And remember that I love you!
Much love, de Argentina,

Love hermana Franks

P.s. I was going to send pictures but I don't have the plug for the computer. We left our phone here earlier and so we were in a rush to get back to see if it was here. And it was so all is good:)

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