Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 11 (July 21, 2014)

Hola mi familia!! 
Wow how are things? I am doing so good. I can´t believe that I've already been here a whole month! Es muy loco!
Today we played fútbol with members and the elders from our district came to Palpalá to play with us also. It was so fun! Its very hot here. The weather is loco. Una día es muy color y the next day its very cold. It just cant make up its mind. If it´s already hot now i cant even imagine what it will be like in the summer....i might die!!!!
We are teaching a girl named Darling. I think i told you about her. She is supposed to get baptized this Saturday but she didn't come to church yesterday so we hope she will come so she can get baptized on the 2nd of august.
I am learning more and more Spanish every day. It´s definitely not easy and some days i really struggle but i have to remind my self that all things happen in the lord´s time. and that i need to have faith. I'm getting along with my companion OK. Sometimes its a little hard but I'm trying to have patience. Its hard for a couple of reasons. One her and the other hermanas are really close. Hermana Francis is her cousin and hermana Rawlinson was her companion before. And so they are are really close and they all speak Spanish.... Another reason is that hermana Francis goes home next week and both hermana brown and hermana rawlinson go home the next transfer.. which is in 6 or 7 weeks so they all have alot in common. Also hna. brown does listen to me alot of the time. But i still love her. She is a god companion and a really good missionary. I learn alot from her everyday. I also learn alot of things about myself. I´m really happy here in Argentina! 
The ward is great. And the food is great:) I have learned so much about the people and i just love it here.
Oh there is a family here in the ward, its a husband and wife. They both served missions and for some reason they have liked me since my first week here. The feed me aand hna brown lunch every week. They told the other hermanas that they only what to feed us. And not them....ya and they live on the other hermanas side of palpalá. 
Zone conference was really fun. President Chaparro is really great and his family is great also. He only has half a middle finger on his left hand. I don't know what happened though. Salt was really fun as well. OH its so beautiful. I love salta so much. I went with Hna Pérez. She is in our Zone. She is from chile and i love her so much. We really hit it off good. She is trying to learn English so she trys to talk to me in English and i talk to her in Spanish. Its great fun. 
SO how is Marisa? are her teeth ok? and how was youth conference for Mel? 
Oh how i miss my family. But i love Argentina! Latinos are sooo funny sometimes. Oh when we are walking down the street. Chicos always whistle and sometimes it creepy but for the most part its just funny. Oh the other night we were walking back to our apartment and we were talking about our lesson that we had with one of our investigators José. And hermana brown tripped and biffed it hard core. She just all of a sudden fell then just jumped right up.I was not sure how it happened, We laughed so hard. And there was a group of guys accross the street. And right after we ran into one of the members form our ward. Oh man it was a much needed laugh. She is fine. Nothing but her pride got hurt. 
Well i love you so much. And i hope you are all enjoying life. I know not nearly as much as me though:)
Mucho amor de Argentina!
Love, Hermana Franks

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