Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 10 (July 14, 2014)

Yes its true Argentina did not win. Today we played soccer with some meimbros. It was so fun! Oh dad yesterday i made us all some mountain man breakfast. Minus the meat because we don't have any but it had potatoes and eggs and onions and red bell pepper. It was so good! 
Things here are going really good. I am loving life. Tomorrow I have to go to Salta, I'm not really sure why. it has something to do with my papers to live here. But we will see. I am going with a different Hermana. Hermana Perez.i have met here before she is in my zone and she has been on divisiones with hermana Rawlinson before. She is super nice and it will  be great. I leave tomorrow at 9ish and we are staying the night in Salta and coming back on Thursday. We have a zone conference on Friday and my and hermana brown and the other 2 hermanas that live with us (hermana rawlinson and hermana Francis) are singing at the zone conference. Oh ya guess what! So every Sunday in church I have to lead the music in sacrament meeting. Hermana Brown and Hermana Rawlinson play the piano. one does the top hand and the other does the bottom hand. Its really fun.
Oh the other day we had locro for lunch. It has intestine and beans and stuff in it... Not my favorite let me just tell you. 
Here they eat alot of pasta and rice. Its not like mexican food though. I really like gizo. Its meats and pasta and vegetables. I don't know but its really yummy. The people are really great. I am understanding more and more each day. Oh the other day when we got home there was a party going on across the street. Like karaoke or something and it was super loud. It lasted till 5:00 int the morning and then after there were a whole bunch of dogs barking. We did not get a whole lot of sleep . Well i think i got more than the other Hermanas. But still it was rough. But I loved it. All part of the Adventure. I am so Happy! and I love it here. Oh mom we got propane and we had to buy a new oven but our new oven is not hooked up yet so we still don't have hot water but we boil water to shower with so not cold water but we still have to shower with a bucket. 
Much love from Argentina! Aka the best country in South America;)
Love hermana franks

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