Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week of July 7, 2014

So once again we had transfers. and as far as those went i am in.........Santa Marta. haha cool I'm happy and things are good. we only have one more transfer left before i leave so I'm pretty sure that i will be staying here until i leave which will be fine with me really. um my new companion however, (ya my "son" left) is from Ecuador (did you guys know that that means equator in English?) and hes been in the mission for a year. hes good but i feel like we might have some bumps in the road but its all good as of now. I'm really feeling excited to get out and work. its crazy to think that i have only 11 weeks which really doesn't sound like a whole lot but then again it is 3 months. um oh ya Happy fourth of July i hope everyone had a great time. and i would love to see more pictures of the fam haha. um ya thats me, oh my health is alot better, i don't have the parasite but from that moment i haven't eaten a whole lot. i just don't get really hungry and when we eat i don't eat a whole lot because i get full really fast. i think its really just I'm super tired of eating the same five things everyday. but ya all is good. so like porky the pig says.... tha tha tha tha thats all folks hahahahahahah
i love you guys :)
from the first best country in south America
Elder Franks

New Companion

Me as Joseph Smith

Hello from Santa Marta

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