Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week of July 21, 2014

hey my Family,
so right now I'm writing you guys from the mission offices. well to not explain too much, my companion is going home ha. this is like the fourth one that I've sent home:( its just that when there are disobedient missionary its better to send them to their sweet home. i feel bad because he was a good companion. um anyway we had a good week just teaching alot of people. we are teaching a couple, i think i have mentioned them before but we have been teaching Feddy and Smith. they are a couple. and they need to be married and then they can get baptised. she wants to get baptised but he doesn't want to get married right now. but I'm going to talk alot about that so that he changes his mind. but they are great. and ya. oh we still are having problems with the water in Santa Marta. and that's not very fun. but that's life.
um things are really good with the language. i speak basically perfect Spanish which is awesome. i love it, love English more, but love Spanish. i cant wait to be able to go to a Spanish restaurant and order in this language haha. anyway that's me this week. love you all and talk to ya next week.
with lots of love,

Elder Franks

P.S. i just saw my travel plans 

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