Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week of July 28, 2014

well family. this week was super difficult but i learned alot about patience. like you guys no I'm without a companion. and that means that i didn't work hardly at all in my area. but that's not the end of life, just have to keep going ha. so that sister said hi again and this week i will take a picture with the family so you know who they are. 
so as far as people, i really don't have anyone to write about either. but something that i was thinking about and actually I've been thinking about lots lately is well really you guys. i don't know today i just am full of emotion. and its not really trunky emotion because if i wanted that i would justy talk to elder palmer haha (the other greengo that is living with me). no but more of just who i was and who i am. actually elder palmer and i have kind of an inside joke thing. Elder Holland gave a talk once about the conversion of Peter. and in the talk and actually in the scriptures it says that we need to leave behind our nets like the first apostles had to do. and we've talked alot about how we have to leave behind our "nets" in life. and I've thought about that alot. when it gets to the point of me coming home there are several things that im going to want to make better in our family. "nets" that not only we might leave behind but nets that we should leave behind. I've learned that lesson pretty well and i have lots of net that I'm going to leave. the thing is is that we are all called to be missionaries whether we have a plack or not but how willing we are to actually do what god wants us to do. to put aside are wants to do what god wants. that's something i want to help change when i get back. 
i want you guys to know that i love you and i mean it. that i am so happy to be here even though its super hard when you don't have a companion, when you don't have water, when you feel down alot of times because you don't have people who are progressing. and many more things. I'm so grateful for the Gospel in my life and the chance that god gives me and everyone of his children to change and be better. 
so anyway i hope that everyone has a good week.

with lots of love,
from Colombia,
Elder Franks

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