Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week of July 14, 2014

hey hey whats up??? ???? so I'm doing really good with everything. my companion is good. he struggles alittle because he doesn't have very long in the church and his girlfriend left him last week. but ya we are good.
So I'm doing really good. my companion and i are good. we get along great. we also had a pretty good week. not anyone close to being baptised yet but we are working on it. so the picture of the food i am sending is the best thing that the have to eat here. its so so so good. i will explain more when I'm there but ya its good. what else oh ya one of the sisters in the branch says hi. she is a recent convert and she always asks about our families. before the last transfers i gave her a picture of all of us so that she would always remember us haha. um but ya. so as far as my feelings are going. i am starting to have flash backs and I'm starting to remember things i did before the mission and that part is hard but i love being here and i know that it is going to be super but super hard to leave. its definitely grown on me. (hahaha i don't remember how to write that last word ) but um ya that's me. 
as always i love you all and thank you for your prayers. tell the people that too.
Love from Colombia,
Elder Franks

Elder Franks favorite thing to eat in Colombia (head and all)

Always thinking of his sister

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